Quick Access Gun Safe

Is your safe somewhere in the basement? If so, you don’t have quick access to your gun in an emergency. Gun Casket is the solution! With a personalized code, you are the only one with access to your weapon. Keep a gun locked under your bed, in the closet or nightstand and have access to it in seconds—but know it will stay safely out of the hands of curious children and intruders.

You might be surprised at how easily a three year-old child can open many gun safes on the market today. Take a look at this video:

Unlike many pistol safes, Gun Casket safes will not just pop open. This is because Gun Casket hinges and locks are not under spring-loaded pressure. Once the combination is entered, Gun Casket locks must be manually turned to release the lever. If the lever is not turned within three seconds, the combination must be reentered. Even with this huge safety feature, see how quickly a Gun Casket safe can be opened in the video below:

Gun Casket® safes come in three sizes. The dual pistol safe and pocket pistol safe easily fit under most seats, in any trunk, nightstand or closet. Looking for something a little larger? Gun Casket shotgun safes can handle most shotguns and rifles and fit nicely under beds. Get your Gun Casket gun safe today!