The Perfect Solution

“How do you secure a home defense shotgun? With a young child at home, I needed a completely secure safe for my Remington 870 Tactical with quick, easy access. After researching all options, I bought the Gun Casket to store the 870 under our bed.

The safe is slim, light, attractive and well built. Perfect size. The locking mechanism is excellent. This is the perfect solution for securely storing a shotgun.

Outstanding quality. Highly recommended.” – Michael 04/16/2013

Quick Access

“This is great, I normally keep my guns in my fireproof safe in the basement. Now my shotgun’s right by my bed in but locked away from the kids I can get to it sooner if I need to without running across the house.” – Brent 07/21/2010

“I’m going to screw this right to the side of my bed.” – Ben 11/9/2010

Prevents Children from Finding a Loaded Gun

“My neighbor’s kid shot himself in the leg with an ‘unloaded’ gun a few weeks back…, it wouldn’t have happened if his [profanity] dad had locked his gun up. This safe would be perfect for him… I’m going to tell him about your safes..” – Anonymous 4/5/2011

“My husband has been trying to find something like this for years, his other guns are still on a shelf in the closet but this safe lets him put his black gun under the bed, locked away from the kids…” – Chelsea 07/25/2010

Peace of Mind

“The first time I put this under my bed with my shotgun I physically felt more relaxed.” – Jared 10/20/2010

“I unboxed my gun casket and was all excited. I put my shotgun inside the ‘casket’ (awesome name by the way) and locked it up. I slid the safe under my bed and didn’t give it a second thought. That night when I went to sleep I honestly felt more safe. I had a shotgun 10” under my back! If anyone tried to mess with my family, I had other plans. It was a weird feeling, but I physically felt more calm and relaxed knowing my gun was that close.” – Anonymous 8/21/2010

Built to Last

“I’ve opened my Gun Casket over 300 times now; it’s still as smooth and easy as the first time, great safe.” – Brett 6/8/2011

Great Gift Idea

“This thing is awesome” – Danny 07/18/2010

“Sure, it keeps your gun locked up for home defense and that’s awesome, but I loved taking it to the range over Thanksgiving. More people talked to me about my guncasket than anything else. – Brad 03/21/2010

“Best Christmas Gift Ever” – Kim 1/10/2011